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LUC-10101 #1

Synthetic SAE 5w50 Oil 1 Quart

LUCAS OIL  |  Part# LUC-10101

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Lucas Extreme Cold Weather Fuel Treatment is a concentrate of our regular fuel treatment with upper cylinder lubricants PLUS a concentration of new Lucas anti-gel agents. This combination sets it apart from all the other fuel treatments on the market. One quart treats 100 gallons of ultra-low sulfur fuel, low sulfur fuel and bio-diesel to -25?F, -40?F and -15?F respectively. Contains special clean burning additives to facilitate a complete combustion burn for more power, better fuel economy and lower emissions. Provides essential lubricity to internal engine components. To add more power, mpg and longer engine life in warm weather conditions, use our regular Lucas Fuel Treatment. This product should more than pay for itself in increased fuel mileage alone.

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